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Experience at the service of the company

Joaquín Muntada, is a graphic designer, passionate about the world of illustration and fashion, specialized in design and digital printing. He develops his career in major companies as head of design and digital department . In recent years he has worked as a trainer and head of studies at the Superior School of Art and Fashion, in Valencia.

Specialized in digital printing software, he obtains the certification from Inédit Software that accredits him as an advanced consultant in NeoTextil and NeoStampa, reference programs worldwide. This training and all the experience acquired over the years, allows it to offer a range of services for the digital industry, based on design, consulting and specialized training.


As advanced digital designer, it offers masterclasses on digital textile design and printing throughout the country and in streaming for the rest of the world, making known the main tools that firms like Inédit offer us. If you are a company or a designer and you are interested in knowing these tools, this is your site.

Certified consultant

If you are a company and you need training for your team, acquire new software to improve your productivity or to optimize your design department, you are in the right place. Qmuntada offers consulting and training, sponsored by the number one developer worldwide, Inédit Software.

The importance of training

A well trained team is the more important for a company
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Joaquín Muntada

Certified trainer and consultant

He studied graphic design at the school of art and superior design in Olot, (Girona - Spain). She specializes in textile design and color management, working for years as responsible for design and digital departments in recognized companies. Formed in the Inédit Software installations, he is certified as a teacher in neoTextil, neoMatch and neoStampa, doing consulting and training for important companies in the sector.

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